Zinc plated metal parts coated with black, clear, yellow and olive drab zinc chromates.

Zinc Metal Plating

Zinc plating is a commonly used to protect steel parts from corrosion, and is an excellent choice for many industrial uses. It is cost effective, offers exceptional deterioration resistance and has an attractive, clean and smooth appearance. Zinc plating provides a protective layer on metal surfaces that defends against rust by preventing moisture and other contamination from contacting the base metal. Zinc coatings can be deposited utilizing alkaline or acid chloride solutions. The choice of alkaline, or acid chloride impacts product appearance and performance.

Zinc Plating Services We Offer

  • Alkaline and Acid Zinc Plating
  • Barrel and Rack Plating
  • Clear, Yellow, Black and Olive Drab Zinc Chromates
  • Top Coats and Sealers to Further Enhance Corrosion Protection

Alkaline Zinc Plating produces uniform thickness. The deposit has good ductility and can be used on parts requiring post plate forming.

Acid Zinc Chloride Plating can be deposited directly over a wide range of metallic substrates, and has a bright appearance.

Barrel Plating provides a uniform and smooth coating. Parts are immersed and rotated slowly in an electrolytic plating solution. Barrel Plating boosts corrosion protection and offers a budget-friendly method for plating a large amount of small, durable parts such as fasteners, nuts and bolts, and also performs well for plating parts of differing shapes and sizes together.

Rack Plating involves attaching parts to metal racks with hooks, wires or spring fingers, allowing parts to remain fixed in place during immersion into the plating solution. Rack Plating is ideal for sensitive parts that are not able to withstand the tumbling produced by the barrel plating method. This technique can also work well for large or complex components, precisely plating intricate details of a part. Rack plating is preferred by industries where a superior finish is crucial, such as medical, military and defense, automotive and electronics.

A Chromate is a conversion coating that reacts with a zinc finish, resulting in even greater resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Each color has its own appeal for different industries or applications. For example, many military applications utilize olive drab chromate coatings to provide the even, matte finish required in their operations. Durable Industrial Finishing Company offers black, clear, yellow and olive drab chrome conversions.

Zinc Plating Benefits

  • Corrosion / Oxidation Resistance
  • Cost Effective
  • Attractive Appearance
  • Versatile Between Metal Types and Surfaces
  • Heat Resistance
  • Adds Surface Hardness to Base Metal
  • Improves Lubricity
  • Effective Undercoat for Paint Applications
  • Good Ductility and Adhesion

Common Zinc Plating Applications

  • Industrial
  • Automotive and Aircraft
  • Medical Equipment
  • Electronics and Home Appliances
  • Military and Defense
  • Telecommunications
  • HVAC Industry
A black zinc metal finish is applied to fasteners.


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