GEOMET coated bolts look clean and have a smooth, non-greasy finish. GEOMET has shown to have increased corrosion-defying capabilities compared to hot-dip zinc plating.


High performance, corrosion resistant, zinc flake coatings for metal finishing that offer efficiency and respect of the environment.

  • Water-based
  • Chromium-free
  • Thin Film

Durable Industrial Finishing now offers the GEOMET® family of proprietary water-based products containing metal oxides, metallic zinc and aluminum flakes. The zinc and aluminum flakes align in multiple layers forming a metallic silver film. Applied as a liquid, the coating is totally inorganic after thermal curing.

Silicate sealers, black and colored topcoats, are applied over GEOMET basecoats to extend corrosion protection. The result is a high performance, chromium-free, cost effective finish.

These coatings are the standard for industries requiring high performance thin layer anticorrosion systems that are completely chrome-free.  They are capable of protecting a wide variety of metallic surfaces and are well suited for both large and small parts having either simple or complex geometry.

In particular, GEOMET coatings are a worldwide standard for use on fasteners and are commonly specified in the automotive, heavy truck, marine, agricultural, construction equipment, wind energy and aerospace industries.

Environmental Benefits of GEOMET

  • Chromium Free – NO HEXAVALENT or TRIVALENT in the liquid or on parts.
  • Complies With – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), EU Directive on End of Life Vehicles (ELV) and EU Directive for Electrical Equipment (RoHS) regulations
  • No Toxic Metal – Free of nickel, cadmium, lead, barium and mercury
  • Water Base – Free from dangerous solvents
  • VOC Compliant – Under EPA RACT requirements

GEOMET Coating Application Method

Dip-Spin – Small parts are coated using the dip-spin application method. Parts are loaded into a perforated metal basket and immersed into the GEOMET® coating. The basket lifts and excess coating is spun-off the parts. Following coating, the parts are conveyed into a convection oven for curing.

High Corrosion Resistance*

Coating Weight Salt Spray Test (ISO 9227/ASTM B117)
>24 g/m2 >1000 hours without red rust
>24 g/m2 + topcoat >1500 hours without red rust

*Results may vary depending on substrate, geometry of parts, and type of application process.

A black zinc metal finish is applied to fasteners.


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