Various parts are laid out ona white background showing off their shiny new zinc plating.

Success Requires Providing the Highest Level of Value to the Customer

We measure value at many levels:


Statistical process control; state-of-the-art equipment; 24 hour Q.C. team


Quick turn-around time; friendly customer service; comfortable atmosphere to do business in; 24-hour shipping and receiving

Competitive Prices

Efficient processing; highly developed cost management system


Multiple process lines and support equipment, many with backup capabilities; capabilities of plating same parts on various process lines; 24 hour operation; ability to make decisions and changes quickly


Specializing in high volume processing; large and small parts; special processing

Lasting Relationships

Product and plating knowledge, dependable and quality service, along with a desire to help our customers be successful, have allowed DIFCO to forge strong customer relationships

A black zinc metal finish is applied to fasteners.


We Make Your Parts Look Better, Work Better and Last Longer

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