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For over 60 years Durable Industrial Finishing Company (DIFCO) has remained committed to providing the highest level of quality and customer service to our clientele.

Our high-capacity metal finishing job shop covers more than 65,000 square feet under roof. Automated metal plating lines are operated by programmable logic controllers providing efficiency, flexibility and scheduling reliability.

When your project requires attention to detail, excellent customer service and always-on-time delivery, you can count on DIFCO's team to come through for you!

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The Top Shop award certificate and medal are displayed in DIFCO's offices.

Metal Finishing Services

DIFCO's metal finishing capacity is unparalleled across the Southeastern US. Our massive facility houses five automated plating lines and four manual lines - ensuring our clients' projects are completed on time every time. Every staff member is trained to provide the utmost in customer service and to remain responsive to clients' needs throughout each work order. Exceeding customer expectations has been a cornerstone of our success for decades.

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Zinc Plating

Zinc plating provides an attractive finish to metal surfaces while increasing corrosion and oxidation resistance. DIFCO provides zinc plating in a variety of colors and can accommodate a wide range of sizes and batch loads.

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Zinc plated metal parts coated with black, clear, yellow and olive drab zinc chromates.


High performance, self-repairing, protective coatings that are environmentally safe and won't break your budget.

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GEOMET coated bolts look clean and have a smooth, non-greasy finish. GEOMET has shown to have increased corrosion-defying capabilities compared to hot-dip zinc plating.

Electroless Nickel (ENP)

Electroless nickel is used in applications from aerospace to electronics, oil and gas and automotive industries to name a few. This cost effective metal finish has many benefits including lubricity and corrosion resistance.

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A collection of metal parts with a silvery electroless nickel coating applied. Electroless nickel is used for parts in oil, automotive, food industries and more.

Phosphate Coatings

We offer manganese, zinc and iron phosphate coatings. The various types of coatings each have unique protective properties which, combined with the original surface color, can provide different color characteristics.

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A variety of phosphate-coated metal products including gears, ball joints and rods.

Passivation of Stainless Steel

Passivation improves the surface of stainless steel parts by removing contaminants commonly deposited on a surface during fabrication. Passivation increases durability and reduces the need for maintenance.

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These parts have been treated through passivation which removes ferrous material from a part's surface and stregnthens the corrosive barrier in stainless steel.

Chemical Film

Chem film provides a protective finish that preserves electrical conductivity and is ideal for applications where painting is ultimately required, however the attractive finish is also effective without additional painting.

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Aluminum plates that have been coated with chemical film treatment.
Finished metal parts are displayed against a blue background after being treated with a phosphate coating.

DIFCO’s Capacity Keeps Our Customers Running

Our high-capacity metal finishing shop offers quick turnaround metal plating services. Our customers need parts finished quickly to avoid production interruptions. DIFCO's top-quality product and exceptional customer service gives our customers confidence knowing that DIFCO will provide fast and dependable metal finishing. Learn About Our Metal Finishing Capabilities

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Parts recently coated with electroless nickel plating are displayed here against a blue background.

Why Choose Durable Industrial Finishing Company?

  • QUALITY – DIFCO is ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • SERVICE – DIFCO provides un-paralleled service and support since 1960
  • CAPACITY – DIFCO has some of the largest plating baths in the industry
  • SPEED – DIFCO is known for fast turnaround avoiding costly shutdowns
  • COMPETITIVE – DIFCO has sophisticated cost containment systems
An employee's gloved hands lift freshly coated metal rods from the processor..

Now Hiring!

We know our continued success is dependent on our employees and customers. That's why we strive to build experience and knowledge through employee development. We offer competitive pay and advancement opportunities among many other employee benefits. If you are interested in joining our team, apply today!

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A bin of fasteners coated with black chromate zinc plating.


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